Real Estate Management

Crafting Global Landscapes with Precision and Strategy

Since 2000, the DHG Real Estate Group has been active as an investor in the Swiss real estate market and, more recently, internationally in selected markets, pursuing a dual strategy. While the company practices a "buy & hold" approach in its home market, the principle internationally is "buy-develop-sell". In Switzerland, the family-owned company has specialized in residential real estate in the upper middle and lower segments from the very beginning.

Over time, the investment area was expanded to include hotels and commercial properties, some of which were converted into residential properties. In 2020, the international expansion of the real estate portfolio took place through investments in the Dubai and Serbian markets. With hundreds of transactions since the company was founded, a transaction volume of almost one billion Swiss francs and a strategy focused on the long term, the company is one of the leading private real estate investors in the domestic market.