About Us

DHG Holding AG is an internationally established, privately managed company in the fields of construction, real estate, and finance, headquartered in Switzerland.

Since its inception in 1994, DHG has continuously evolved from a small craft and construction operation into a corporate group with a broadly diversified portfolio of owned properties.

Thanks to a steady expansion of the portfolio with properties and projects with high potential for value appreciation, the holding company secures continuous growth in the domestic market and increasingly in other attractive markets such as Serbia and Dubai, covering all relevant sectors like construction, real estate, finance, and facility management along the entire value chain.


Organically grown with entrepreneurial foresight and insight, DHG Holding has a strong financial base, high earning power, and financial independence, maintaining the flexibility to seize investment and growth opportunities to further expand its market position in the future.













Inspired by our vision and driven by our values, we’re passionate about building the future.

Our mission

Even in times when speculation and impetuous growth shaped the face of the international construction and real estate industry, our business model has been consistently characterized by caution and long-term profitability over more than 30 years of existence. The foundation for this was laid in the Swiss home market, where we create sustainable values in the greater Zurich area and later in other parts of German-speaking Switzerland, based on solid financing and pronounced capital strength, with a "Buy & Hold" or "Buy-Develop-Hold" strategy. We cover the entire value chain with our own specialized professionals in the respective company units – from planning and financing to construction and renovation, to management and maintenance. This ensures control over all process steps and quality. Only in a second phase of corporate development, in recent years, did we expand into international markets such as Dubai and Serbia on a solid economic foundation, where we pursue a "Buy-Develop-Sell" strategy while maintaining the highest quality standards. This strategy mix has proven successful and is supported long-term by our employees and partners. Our entrepreneurial actions continue to be characterized by caution, commercial foresight, and a long-term commitment to explore new territories to secure the growth and future of our company.

Our vision

From the very beginning, our entrepreneurial actions have been strongly characterized by personal responsibility and the principle of commercial foresight and vision. Based on these values and through steady organic growth, over the years a small craft and restoration business has evolved into an internationally active construction and real estate company, distinguished by its solidity, financial strength, and above all, a passion for the work and industry. We place great value on maintaining our family-like corporate culture, characterized by cohesion and collaboration, even in the course of our dynamic growth and the internationalization of our business. All our actions and efforts are aimed at creating lasting added value for the users of the properties we develop, through our high quality standards and the expertise of our specialized employees.

Our core values.

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    Every project is an opportunity to exceed expectations.

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    Crafting legacies, not just buildings.

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    Future-proof developments in harmony with the environment.

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    Pioneering solutions that set new industry standards.

Company milestones.

Discover our 30-year history of success in the real estate industry.


DHG Company was founded with a focus on reconstruction projects. Today, the company has completed over 2.5M sam of residential and commercial spaces.

DHG Real Estate Investment Company was founded, today's Real Estate Portfolio gross asset value is over 700M.



DHG Development company was established and has since then developed various Residential and Commercial Projects in Swiss/Serbia/Dubai with a gross development value is over 500M.

DHG Holding Company was founded, it currently controls/owns over 30 Companies in the real estate/construction and Development Sector.



DHG Serbia was established and is currently developing residential and commercial projects.

DHG Properties was established in the UAE.



DHG Properties launched its first project in Dubai Helvetia Residences, Jumeirah Village Circle with 430 Units.

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Sustainable excellence and the transformation of communities.


The visionary dedication and consistent motivation of our Board guide DHG Holding towards success in the real estate industry, with each project marking a step towards sustainable excellence and the transformation of communities.

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DHG Construction

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DHG Hospitality

We never lose sight of our fundamentals: to improve the environmental and social performance of our portfolio.

Positively impacting our environment, our people, and the next generation.

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has provided us with a framework for sustainable and responsible action in terms of climate and environmental protection. From the selection of construction materials to the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and the professional recycling of demolition materials or waste - we at DHG Holding AG have always taken this responsibility seriously in the context of our diverse construction and refurbishment activities.

In line with the "Energy Strategy 2050", the program to improve energy efficiency in Switzerland and the transition from fossil to renewable energies, we promote the reduction of CO2 emissions, for example, by installing modern and environmentally friendly heating systems with heat pumps in new buildings as well as existing properties.