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About DHG

DHG Holding AG is a privately managed international investment holding company in the construction, real estate and finance sectors headquartered in Switzerland. Since its foundation in Zurich in 1994, the family-owned company has successively expanded its activities across all stages of value creation. The holding company currently has more than 30 subsidiaries in the construction, real estate, facility management and finance sectors. DHG Holding has a strong financial basis, high profitability and financial independence.

DHG Real Estate Group
Since 2000, the DHG Real Estate Group has been active as an investor in the Swiss real estate market and, more recently, internationally in selected markets, pursuing a dual strategy. While the company practices a "buy & hold" approach in its home market, the principle internationally is "buy-develop-sell". In Switzerland, the family-owned company has specialized in residential real estate in the upper middle and lower segments from the very beginning. Over time, the investment area was expanded to include hotels, office complexes and commercial properties, some of which were converted into residential properties. In 2022, the international expansion of the real estate portfolio took place through investments in the Dubai and Serbian markets. With hundreds of transactions since the company was founded, a transaction volume of almost one billion Swiss francs and a strategy focused on the long term, the company is one of the leading private real estate investors in the domestic market.

DHG Residential
The DHG Group's positioning in the domestic real estate sector, characterized by a "buy & hold strategy real estate sector has brought the company sustainable and profitable growth. profitable growth. In doing so, the company covers the entire value chain - from from new conception, construction, refurbishment, conversion or additions to the leasing and management of the properties. In Switzerland, over the years, the company has and older properties in need of refurbishment have been transformed into a portfolio of attractive of attractive, high-quality rental properties in the sustainable affordable housing segment. affordable housing segment, all of which are family-owned. Internationally, on the other hand the Group operates according to a "buy-develop-sell" strategy. On the basis of this positioning, the DHG Group is pursuing the dynamic expansion of its real estate real estate portfolio and is interested in the purchase of building land, conversion projects or development of new projects.

DHG Commercial
DHG Commercial invests in selected commercial real estate such as office buildings, business centers or commercial space. Existing properties are redeveloped or further developed. Locations are also significantly upgraded in the long term through a needs-based mix of residential and commercial properties.

DHG Hotels/Apartments
DHG is making significant investments by acquiring properties and hotels and transforming them into serviced apartments. The dynamic increase in demand for these innovative offerings ensures a high occupancy rate of the properties and a strong, sustainable cash flow for the Group.

DHG Construction Group
Since the first beginnings in 1994, construction activity has been the core business of the company. With its subdivisions - from general contracting to craftsmen to facility services - the DHG Bau Group fully implements the construction specifications of the DHG Real Estate Group.

DHG Generalunternehmung
As a total contractor, DHG Generalunternehmung manages all projects of the group of companies. Thanks to its decades of experience, DHG is able to realize construction projects of any size at the highest level of quality quality level and within the cost and time limits. Thanks to experienced and specialized personnel, a network of experts such as architects and engineers, as well as a decades-long track record in the construction sector, the DHG Group lives up to its "Swiss Made" claim. The construction projects cover a spectrum of projects of different sizes - from development projects to the further development of existing properties. further development of existing properties, for example through renovation or floor extensions. In addition to adherence to deadlines and budgets, the ecological ecological aspect plays an increasingly important role - for example through the use of sustainable sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

DHG Handwerker
With 50 craftsmen and a total of 250 construction workers and skilled workers in areas such as plastering/painting, carpentry or plumbing, DHG fully implements construction projects of all kinds - from new construction to a total renovation of a property to further development, for example, by adding a floor.

DHG Facility Services
DHG Facility Services is responsible for the maintenance of the entire DHG real estate portfolio. including services for caretaking and building cleaning, and also meets the highest quality the highest quality standards of clients such as two private banks in the heart of Zurich. private banks in the heart of Zurich. With its comprehensive range of facility services the team makes a daily contribution to maintaining the value of the respective properties.

DHG Development
The DHG Real Estate Group invests in land and development projects in German-speaking Switzerland, Dubai and Serbia - from commercial space to office buildings and hotels. While the company relies on the strategy and core competence of "buy-develop-let" in its home market of Switzerland, it operates internationally according to the principle of "buy-develop-sell". With investments amounting to several hundred million Swiss francs in existing properties as well as in new projects, the strategy mix aims both to ensure constant further development of the real estate portfolio and to secure cash flow and attractive returns.

Board of Directors

Blagoje Antic

Board of Directors Chairman / CEO

Milos Antic

Vice President / Member of the Board of Directors

Marco Versamento

CFO / Member of the Board of Directors

DHG Holding Management

Sladjana Cvetkovic

Front Office DHG Holding

Milena Stevovic

Chief Business Sustainability Officer

Hristina Pancetovic

Personal Assistant to Executive Board DHG Holding

Anja Milenkovic

Marketing & Communication

Bernhard Bauhofer

Director Communications

Olga Kurki

Office Management

DHG Construction Management

Ivan Hrnjkas

Director of Construction DHG Generalunternhemung

Nikola Savic

Director of Construction DHG Handwerker

Blagica Antic

Management DHG Facility Services

Andreas Lust

Construction Management

Diego Pagliaro

Construction Management

DHG Real Estate Management

Jochen Schneider

Dipl. Ing. Arch. / DHG Development

Dragana Savic

Management / DHG Residential

Bojan Supeljak

Dipl. Ing. Arch. / DHG Development

Milos Kostic

Dipl. Ing. Arch. / DHG Development

Nemanja Ristivojevic

M.S. Arch. / DHG Development

Diego Lopez

Management DHG Hotels/Apartments

Bojan Virovac

Aquisition Real Estate Dubai

Climate and environmental protection: Sustainability determines our actions

With the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations has provided us with a framework for sustainable and responsible action in terms of climate and environmental protection. From the selection of construction materials to the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents and the professional recycling of demolition materials or waste - we at DHG Holding AG have always taken this responsibility seriously in the context of our diverse construction and refurbishment activities. In line with the "Energy Strategy 2050", the program to improve energy efficiency in Switzerland and the transition from fossil to renewable energies, we promote the reduction of CO2 emissions, for example, by installing modern and environmentally friendly heating systems with heat pumps in new buildings as well as existing properties.

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