Robust Growth and New Horizons in Dubai’s Real Estate Sector

May 7, 2024

Robust Growth and New Horizons in Dubai’s Real Estate Sector

Real Estate developer DHG Properties, cites that the UAE’s construction market was valued at $94 billion in 2023 and it is expected to grow at an annual average growth rate of 3% through 2028. This growth, driven by investments in transport and renewable energy, is supported by quality infrastructure projects and investments from both the government and private sectors.

The company's latest project, Helvetia Residences, featuring 430 units located in JVC with world-class architecture, is set to contribute to the region’s promising outlook ahead.

February 2024: A Month of Unprecedented Growth

In February 2024, Dubai’s real estate market witnessed significant growth, with property prices increasing by 0.83% from the previous month and sales transaction volumes jumping 30.4% year over year, reaching unprecedented levels. This exceptional dynamism demonstrates strong activity and increased interest from buyers and investors, confirming Dubai as an appealing destination for real estate due to its superior infrastructure and dynamic economy.

Miloš Antić, Vice Chairman of DHG Holding & Founder of DHG Properties, said: “Dubai’s real estate market never fails to attract investors. This notion is reinforced by the explosive growth we are witnessing in the construction sector through price appreciation, robust sales transactions, and ongoing real estate development. This is especially true in the residential sector as transactions constituted 92.1% of total sales in February with apartments, townhouses, and villas accounting for 10,966 transactions out of a total of 11,913. To contribute to the city’s progress, we look forward to duplicating 30 years of proven success and consistent growth in Europe to enhance the overall real estate landscape in the UAE – Helvetia is only the first piece of this puzzle.”