Highlights from the Event: The Rising Trend of Investing in Dubai Among Serbs

May 27, 2024
Milena 2 web news

The recent event held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade on May 18th and 19th showcased DHG Group’s latest residential project, "Helvetia Residences," in partnership with Eva Real Estate. The event not only highlighted the allure of Dubai's real estate market but also underscored the increasing interest of Serbian investors in this dynamic market.

Why Dubai? The Unmatched Attraction for Investors

Dubai, with its real estate market valued at $94 billion in 2023, continues to draw global attention, including investors from Serbia. The city's market is projected to grow by 3% annually until 2028, driven by robust infrastructure, economic stability, and attractive investment policies. Notably, Dubai's real estate prices are often more affordable compared to central Belgrade, offering a compelling case for investment.

Helvetia Residences stands out with its 430 residential units, half of which were sold shortly after sales began in February. This project offers a unique blend of luxury, affordability, and renowned Swiss quality. At the event, Milena Stevović, COO and Member of the Board of DHG Group, emphasized the company’s commitment to bringing high-quality and innovative real estate solutions to Dubai. "Our vision is to apply thirty years of Swiss experience to the UAE market, thus setting new standards in the real estate and construction sectors," she stated.

Event Success and Special Offers

During the event, as many as 28 residential units were sold, further enhanced by an interactive program featuring a wheel of fortune, where buyers could win various benefits such as a 1% discount on purchase, an AI vacuum cleaner, a television, a furnished dining room, an electric scooter, and a furnished bedroom.

The successful event in Belgrade underscores the growing trend of Serbian investors turning to Dubai for real estate opportunities. With its world-class infrastructure, and attractive investment returns, Dubai continues to be a prime destination for real estate investment. Helvetia Residences, with its blend of luxury and affordability, exemplifies the potential and promise of the Dubai market for international investors.