Elysian Lux Gardens: Setting New Standards in Luxury Living in Belgrade

March 13, 2024
Elysian 3 D 1

DHG Group unveils Elysian Lux Gardens, an extensive development covering 3,300 square meters in the prestigious Dedinje district of Belgrade. This development introduces seven luxury villas with 28 private garages, expansive rooftop terraces, and individual gardens, redefining expectations for residential luxury.

Focused Design and Sustainability

The design of each villa in Elysian Lux Gardens prioritizes functionality and style, integrating individuality with modern architectural principles. The project leverages sustainable building materials and incorporates advanced technologies for energy efficiency, including optimized heating and cooling systems. This approach aligns with DHG’s commitment to reducing environmental impact while providing high-end comfort and style.

Situated in the prestigious Dedinje area, Elysian Lux Gardens promises a distinctive lifestyle in one of Belgrade's most sought-after districts. The development, started in July 2023, is projected for completion by December 2024, offering future residents luxury, comfort, and a sustainable living environment unmatched in the city.