DHG Real Estate Group Enhances Portfolio with Strategic Acquisition of Premier Hotel and Retail Complex in Cham (ZG)

February 1, 2024
Cham ZG Commercial

DHG Real Estate Group has strategically expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of a Grade A commercial complex in Cham, situated in the economically robust canton of Zug. This latest acquisition, comprising a hotel with 131 rooms and two retail, aligns with DHG's ongoing growth strategy both in the domestic and international markets.

Zurich/Zollikon, November 15, 2023 – As the year progresses, DHG Holding continues to demonstrate its commitment to strategic expansion. The recent acquisition of the multi-story hotel and retail property in Cham, which spans an 12,000 square meters, represents a significant addition to its portfolio. "Our decision was based on a comprehensive evaluation of the property's fundamentals, which indicated a robust and sustainable cash flow, secure long-term lease agreements, and a prime location in the economically stable and tax-efficient region of Zug, known for its direct highway access," stated Blagoje Antic, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of DHG Holding. "Moreover, the excellent condition of the property ensures no immediate need for further investment, aligning with our strategic approach to acquisitions."

Diverse Commercial Portfolio

The property's diverse commercial offerings include well-established branches of the sports equipment provider "Stöckli" and the pet supply and food specialist "Fressnapf." The hotel component enhances the complex's appeal, boasting a restaurant, modern seminar rooms, and comprehensive parking facilities including an underground garage and external spaces. Antic remarked, "Despite rising interest rates and global economic challenges, our confidence in the enduring appeal of the Swiss real estate market remains steadfast. We are continually identifying and capitalizing on compelling investment opportunities, as exemplified by our acquisition in Cham."

This acquisition is a testament to DHG Holding's methodical approach to growth and investment in the real estate sector. The company's 30-year trajectory of success, under the leadership of Blagoje Antic, has been marked by a series of judicious investments and expansions.