DHG Real Estate Group acquires "UNIQUE" from Realstone Swiss Property Fund

March 21, 2024
Kloten ZH Commercial PS

DHG Real Estate Group acquires "UNIQUE" from Realstone Swiss Property Fund

With the ongoing high attractiveness of the Greater Zurich Area, the demand for housing as well as attractive office and retail spaces in central locations has significantly increased. Against this backdrop, the DHG Group, based in the city of Limmat, has expanded its real estate portfolio over the years and, with the acquisition of the "Unique" business center at Schaffhauserstrasse 146 in Kloten, sets a new milestone in its company history marked by success and dynamic growth.

"Since the beginning of our 30 year existence, we have been firmly rooted in the Greater Zurich Area, where most of our properties are located," says Blagoje Antic, company founder and Chairman of the corporate group. "With our growing inventory of high-quality residential and commercial properties, we make a significant contribution to the attractiveness of more and more locations."

As part of its proven and long-term "Buy & Hold" strategy, the company purchases properties in the domestic Swiss market, develops them further, leases them – and has thus become a leading privately owned real estate and construction group in Switzerland since its foundation in 1994.

"Unique" – Property with Enhancement Potential

Through the mediation of UBS, the DHG Real Estate Group has purchased the "Unique" business center including commercial spaces with Coop and OTTO’s as tenants from the real estate fund "Realstone Swiss Property." Immediately after the acquisition of the commercial property in Kloten, the DHG Real Estate Group starts planning for the optimization and enhancement of the property's attractiveness for the maximum benefit of the tenants. Considerations also include options such as a mixed use of area.

"Through a needs-oriented mix of residential and commercial space, neighborhoods are enhanced," says Milos Antic, member of the executive board of directors of DHG. "Living up to this claim and the project name, we strive to realize a unique project with 'Unique'."