DHG Group Unveils "Helvetia Residences" at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Belgrade

May 14, 2024
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At the upcoming event on May 18th and 19th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, DHG Group plans to showcase its new residential project 'Helvetia Residences' in collaboration with Eva Real Estate, one of the leading real estate agencies in Dubai.

A Gateway to Investment Opportunities: Exploring the Dynamic Dubai Market

Dubai is recognized as one of the most dynamic global centers for real estate, with a market estimated at $94 billion in 2023, and an expected growth rate of 3% annually until 2028. Increased investment in infrastructure, as well as advancements in areas such as healthcare, education, security, and economic stability, make Dubai attractive to investors worldwide. The volume of sales jumped by 30.4% on an annual basis. These figures clearly indicate that Dubai remains one of the most attractive destinations for real estate investments, supported by world-class infrastructure and proactive economic policies.

Helvetia Residences includes 430 residential units, and according to unofficial information, 50% has already been sold since sales began in February this year. The project, into which $200 million has been invested, stands out for its combination of luxury, affordability, and Swiss quality.

Eva Real Estate, a leading firm in Dubai's real estate market, in collaboration with DHG, will highlight the benefits of investing in the city. Known for its impressive portfolio of over 9000 satisfied investors and more than 50 awards, this agency has established a significant presence in the industry.

The event in Belgrade is aimed at presenting Helvetia Residences and the potential of the Dubai real estate market. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to learn details about the available units and receive special benefits, available only at the event.