Blagoje Antić Among the Most Successful Serbian Entrepreneurs Abroad

February 1, 2024
Diplomacy Commerce 2023 31 4

In a recent event, Diplomacy & Commerce magazine recognized Blagoje Antić, the founder and president of DHG Holding AG, with the honor of being the Most Successful Businessman Abroad of Serbian Origin. This accolade was presented at the magazine's seventh-anniversary celebration, acknowledging notable contributions in business, diplomacy, and politics.

Antić's entrepreneurial journey commenced in 1990 following his relocation from Serbia to Switzerland. In 1994, he established DHG, initially a small-scale construction firm specializing in reconstruction. Under his leadership, DHG Holding has significantly expanded its operations, now overseeing more than 1,000 residential and business units across Switzerland, with a total value exceeding 500 million Swiss francs.

DHG Holding has recently been active in global markets, undertaking substantial projects like the "Helvetia Residences," a major residential complex in Dubai, and the "Elysian Lux Gardens," a high-end villa complex in Belgrade, Serbia. These international endeavors illustrate the company's dynamic engagement in the global real estate sector.

The success of DHG Holding AG can be largely attributed to Antić's strategic business approach. He has been quoted as saying, "The consistent adherence to our far-sighted and prudent business management has proven to be a guarantee of success over the decades of our existence. We only seize investment opportunities after careful examination, convinced of their long-term success." This philosophy underscores a commitment to thorough analysis and long-term viability in business ventures.

Blagoje Antić's methodical approach to business combines practicality with strategic foresight, focusing on quality and sustainability. This approach has been significant in navigating the complexities of the global market, contributing to the company's steady development.